Marine Detailing

Marine Detailing

Level 1:


  • Extensive Interior Cleaning: We spray a pre-emergent mixture on the interior surfaces that kills bacteria and breaks down dirt, grime, grease, and bird / spider/ insect droppings
  • Pressure Wash Interior – this not only rinses off the pre-emergent mixture but it also allows us to get to all the hard to reach areas. We do not put a pressure washer wand on the driver’s helm, battery compartments, or the engine itself. 
  • Pressure Wash Bimini Top, Bimini Poles, and/or Tower.
  • Clean Windows – Streak Free.
  • Wipe down metal, chrome, and/or stainless surfaces.
  • Pressure wash exterior.
  • Hand clean and wash exterior.
  • Hand dry exterior.

Level 2:

Includes Level 1 plus the following:

  • Remove mold / mildew from upholstery and seats.
  • Hand detail interior.
  • Deep clean flooring – carpet, non-skid, sea-grass, aqua trac, or gator step.
  • Hand Clean Bimini Top, bimini poles, and/or tower.
  • Application of protectant on hard plastic, vinyl, rubber areas on the interior. This application also brings back the “shine” to these areas.
  • Application of UV Protectant on seats.

Level 3:

Includes Level 1, Level 2, plus the following:

  • Metal / Chrome / Stainless surface polishing.
  • Wax (plus sealer) & Buff Exterior – our wax & sealer is designed for salt water marine vessels. This is “over-board” for fresh water vessels but it protects our boats for a longer period of time.
  • All marine vessels need to have at least 1 wax & sealer application per year.

Level 4:

Includes Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, plus the following:

  • Compound, Cut, Polish, Wax and Buff.
  • This service is for oxidation removal, scratch removal, and complete restoration of the exterior gelcoat. We bring the life and shine back to the paint color.
  • This service has several different compounds, cutting agents, pads, polishes, waxes, and sealers.
  • Upon completion of this service, your boat will look as new as possible.

Discounted Maintenance Plans

  • We provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly scheduled cleaning and detailing services for your boats, pontoons, and/or jet skis.
  • These routinely scheduled services include 1 wax and buff for the year as well as multiple hybrid shine applications during that year. This product enhances the shine of your vessel while adding additional UV protection to your vessel.
  • This not only keeps your vessel looking great but it allows us to fight off your spiders, birds, insects, bees, and wasps for you.
  • Your boat is always lake ready.

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