Acid Wash

Fiberglass or Aluminum

Acid Wash Hull (Fiberglass)

  • This is needed when our normal boat wash formula will not cut thru the lake grime and algae accumulation.
  • You would see a light brown film on the hull of your boat even after washing the boat.
  • We also have special pads that we can use to remove the barnacles when it’s really bad.

Acid Wash Pontoon / Tritoon Tubes

  • This is needed when washing your tubes on a pontoon / tritoon does not cut the lake grime and algae accumulation off the tubes.
  • Our formula does a great job getting your toons looking like new again.

Discounted Maintenance Plans

  • We provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly scheduled cleaning and detailing services for your boats, pontoons, and/or jet skis.
  • These routinely scheduled services include 1 wax and buff for the year as well as multiple hybrid shine applications during that year. This product enhances the shine of your vessel while adding additional UV protection to your vessel.
  • This not only keeps your vessel looking great but it allows us to fight off your spiders, birds, insects, bees, and wasps for you.
  • Your boat is always lake ready.

Marine Detailing

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Pressure Washing